6 - 8 June 2018 / Potsdam, Germany
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Water, air & soil

  • Water and sewage treatment
  • Distribution, planning and utilisation of water
  • Regenerative processes
  • Air and soil purification
  • Explosive ordnance disposal
  • Land remediation, prospection and land restoration


Energy and construction

  • Energy planning, recovery, distribution and conservation
  • Renewable energy
  • Heat generation, waste heat, insulation, ecofriendly and innovative construction
  • Architecture, project planning, building methods and equipment
  • Facility management
  • Infrastructure (water and energy supply, etc)
  • Modernisation/ restoration, demolition/recycling


Recycling & regenerative materials

  • Waste collection, transport and recycling
  • Composting, generating and using (new) materials from renewable raw materials or waste
  • Biodegradable materials


Open until 3 June 2018


Potsdam, Germany

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